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Local Car Inspections in Wyoming

We service every metro area in the state of Wyoming, including Casper, Cheyenne, Sheridan, Rock Springs, Laramie and all surrounding areas.

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The Jackalope is the Official Mythological Creature of Wyoming, supposedly roaming the vast prairies of the state. Mythical, as well, are the many stories and tall tales of used cars for sale. When you invest your hard-earned cash into a new used car, make sure you don’t end up telling a tale of woe, with the moral being, “…and don’t buy a used car without first having it inspected by a certified used car inspection service.”Lemon Squad will come to where you are and inspect the potential used car you want to buy. They will conduct their thorough inspection of every detail of the car BEFORE you make your purchase, giving you the confidence you need to make the investment. Once you have a new used car that has been properly checked out by our inspectors, you can drive with confidence to see the two-headed calf in Upton, or the house made of dinosaur bones in Medicine Bow. Tall tales abound everywhere, but don’t let your potential new used car be one of them. Order your vehicle inspection today, so you aren’t caught driving a lemon tomorrow.


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