Nationwide Vehicle Inspections

Lemon Squad™ is the Nation's Leader in pre-purchase used car inspections! We cover the whole US.

Wait! How can you be a nationwide company, but also do local inspections?
We're a small company built on a huge network of inspectors all across the United States. Although we're headquartered in Minnesota, our inspectors are located all over and will go to every town and area that a car can travel to. So really, ALL of our inspections are local!

No matter where the vehicle is, we can get to it. With over 3000 technicians on file, it's easy to do a car inspection near you or your vehicle (wherever that may be)! We're constantly on the lookout for Certified Technicians to join our team and our family of technicians is constantly growing, open a chat with us, or give us a call (888) 231-7965!