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  • Effects of Water Damage and Flooding on Vehicles

    Buying new or used cars is a big financial decision. Making an informed decision as a buyer is always the goal, no matter how large the purchase is. When buying used cars, a buyer should consider many factors beyond just the price. The condition, performance, market price compared to the listing price, and much more… Read more »

  • Lemon of the Week (September 28th, 2022)

    This week, the winning Lemon (or the car in the worst shape) was the 2009 Isuzu NPR. At the time of inspection, this vehicle was just short of 160,000 miles, making general wear and tear based on the age and mileage to be expected.

  • Lemon of the Week (September 21st, 2022)

    Wondering what an inspection report can find for potential buyers? You are in the right place!  On Wednesdays, we will post a poll to our Instagram story with two vehicles that Lemon Squad inspectors have previously inspected. Our followers have the chance to place their vote for which car is in worse shape, or in… Read more »

  • Lemon of the Week (September 14th, 2022)

    The most recent Lemon Of The Week is here, and it is, drum roll please: Car #1: the 2011 MINI Cooper Clubman.  Each week, we take a poll from our followers on the Lemon Squad Instagram page.  Followers are provided one image and brief information about two cars that Lemon Squad has previously inspected. They… Read more »

  • Lemon of the Week (September 7th, 2022)

    Another poll has led to another Lemon of the week, the winner being car number 2… the 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan.  Each week, Lemon Squad takes a poll with our Instagram followers to pick which of two lemons that our inspectors have previously inspected is the biggest Lemon. With a few highlights of the issues we… Read more »

  • Lemon of the Week (August 31st, 2022)

    Users are provided the choice between two vehicles previously inspected by one of our many inspectors. We will note just a couple of the issues found during the inspection service, but keep in mind that we call these cars “Lemons” for a reason!