Determining a Used Car's Value

All the gears turn together to make things happen.Lemon Squad Auto Inspections go beyond Blue Book and Nada Guide car valuations because a qualified inspector goes right to the vehicle to inspect it, on site. That way, the true value of the vehicle can be assessed according to the actual condition of the vehicle, not just a number based on averages. Because every situation is a little different, Lemon Squad offers several inspection types to choose from, along with a few add-ons which enrich the report. Whether it is a motorcycle, recreational vehicle, commercial vehicle or something exotic like a Lamborghini, there is an option for you.

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Did you know NADAguides expects you to do a complete inspection of a vehicle along with their estimation before determining a car's value? NADAguide says, "Our values are designed and intended to assist users in performing their own valuation of a particular used vehicle."¹ The inspection performed by our inspectors is vital in determining an accurate car value estimate.

Car value is determined by more than just the raw numbers that you can get from places like NADAguides and Kelley Blue Book. When asked what to expect from the results of their price advisor, Kelley Blue Book said, "Limiting market-based pricing to a single price point doesn't consider all the variables associated with structuring a car deal,"² and they're right. Book value is just that: a number in a book that can only assist you in determining the car's market value. When you buy a top to bottom inspection from Lemon Squad you are much better equipped to determine a vehicle's actual value in today's competitive market.

We at Lemon Squad Auto Inspections work hard to provide a service that assists everyone involved in the sale. As an unbiased third party, many people rely on our service when determining an accurate car value during a vehicle transaction, whether buying or selling.


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