Mechanical Inspection

  • Nationwide Coverage: Over 3,000 Certified Mobile Technicians
  • Technology Forward Partner Mechanic Breakdown Inspections:
  • Integrated w/ TPA Software Providers
  • Alerts for Each Step In Ordering Process
  • Intuitive and Easy to Process Inspection Report Layout
  • Flexible account structure and analytics
  • Aggressive Cost Structure
  • Fast Turnaround Time
  • All Reports Reviewed by Technicians

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OBD2 Scan Tool*

Excellent Value

Collision Check

Detailed Photos

Mechanical Inspection Includes

  • Detailed findings report for Level of Teardown
  • Vehicle condition report including signs of abuse, signs of collision, signs of modifications and signs of commercial use.
  • Detailed findings report for Recommended Repair
  • Photos of all vehicle stickers, repair order items, plates, failed parts, labels and instrement panels.
  • Detailed findings report for Inspector Findings
  • Fluids report for engine oil, coolant, brake fluid, differential and transmission.
  • Detailed findings report for Cause of Failure
*1996 & newer