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Vehicle Info

Year 2007
Make Ford
Model F350
Stock No. #1001826
Mileage 143204
Fuel Type Diesel
Engine Cylinders 8 Cylinder
Trailer Hitch Yes
Transmission Automatic
Drive Type Four Wheel Drive
Trans Model Automatic
Tire Size (on Vehicle) LT275/70R18
Stock Tires Yes

Warranty Info

Towed to Shop Yes
Labor Rate 95.00
Previous Repair History None
Labor Rate Posted/Verbal Verbal
Tear Down Prior to Inspection No


Evidence of Overheating No
Radiator Condition Good
Belts/Hoses Good
A/C Yes
P/S Yes
P/B Yes


Transmission Fluid Intermix No
Transmission Fluid Metal No
Engine Oil Level Full
Engine Oil Condition Dirty
Engine Oil Leaks No
Coolant Level Full
Coolant Condition Dirty
Transmission Fluid Level Full
Transmission Fluid Condition Clean
Transmission Fluid Leaks
The bell housing is wet, which could possibly be engine oil leaking from the rear main seal, or transmission fluid leaking from the torque converter seal, and would require further diagnosis after cleaning.
Engine Oil Intermix No
Coolant Leaks No


Vehicle Condition Average
Signs of Abuse No
Signs of Collision No
Signs of Modifications
EGR cooler is aftermarket, "Bullet Proof Diesel". Vehicle has 2-3" lift spacers. 5th wheel hitch mounted in bed.
Signs of Commercial Use No


State of Assembly
Air cleaner and intake tube removed.
Inspector Observations
This is a surprise inspection, and the repair facility (RF) was not contacted prior to my arrival. The RF contact Steve, reports that the vehicle was towed in to their shop, and they have not received any authorization to diagnose or inspect the vehicle. He states they do not know the state of the vehicle, other than it experienced a runaway diesel condition, and there is oil leaking from the turbo. He reports the vehicle was smoldering and smoking when it arrived, and asked me not to run the engine during the inspection. We cranked the engine to make sure it was not seized, and it took several cranks to get it to start. When the engine started, it ran rough and white smoke came out of the exhaust, so we shut the engine down immediately to avoid any further damage. Oil is leaking heavily from inside the turbocharger, and is visible inside the turbo housing, around the impeller, and in the intake. The turbo impeller shaft has play, and can be moved approximately 1/16" by hand. There is an excessive amount of oil in the air intake tube and air filter, and air cleaner housing. There is oil all over the top of the engine, and some has slung around the turbo area. There are no visible signs of intermix, overheat, or excessive heat in the engine compartment. There are multiple minor oil leaks and seeps, but the heavy oil leak appears to be coming from inside the turbo itself. Fault codes P0675 cylinder 5 glow plug circuit/open (current); P0606 ECM/PCM processor (pending); P0675 Cylinder 5 glow plug circuit/open (pending) are present in the system. Please refer to photos for freeze frame data. Notes: No direct evidence of runaway condition was visible, but the amount of oil present in the turbo and intake indicate it is possible that oil had made it into the intake and caused it to runaway. The white smoke condition could also be caused by faulty ECM/PCM, fuel delivery issues, or EGR cooler/valve failures. The EGR cooler is aftermarket and its condition is unknown. The EGR valve is present. The fault code P0606 indicates a possible issue with the PCM/ECM and requires diagnosis.
Suspected Cause of Failure
Findings indicate an internal sealing failure of the turbocharger. Play in the turbo shaft indicates long term wear. Fault codes and symptoms indicate the engine condition requires further diagnosis to determine the cause and extent of the failure and any subsequent damage. The aftermarket EGR cooler's condition and its effect on the engine are unknown.
Facility Recommended Repairs
The vehicle will likely require a new turbocharger, but further diagnosis would be required to determine the condition of the engine and ECM/PCM, and to determine what repairs are required.


Tire Size (on vehicle)LT275/70R18
Stock Tires?Yes

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