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Vehicle is a 1967 Ford Mustang. I start this inspection off with the exterior of the vehicle. The front bumper has some surface rust. There is a painted trim piece behind the bumper that has prior rust under the paint. The right headlight trim ring is loose. The right front fender is misaligned with the hood and door. The right door has some rust at the bottom corner near the fender, and is misaligned with the .25 panel. The right rear .25 has a scratch on it. The trunk has rust bubbles on the back edge, and is misaligned within the quarter panels. The roof has filler throughout, and rust along the drip edge. The left rear .25 has light scratches. The left door has filler, and some rust at the bottom edge near the fender. The left front fender is misaligned with the door. Both A pillar window chrome trim is bubbling along with the .25 glass trim. The entire vehicle is been resprayed and is a good job overall. There is some dirt in the paint here and there. I found most filler work to be on the roof. There is some rust within the door jambs on both sides. All tires are dry rotted, and the left rear wheel rim is bent.

Moving to the interior. The horn, radio, and parking brake are inoperable. The left rear window is inoperable. Both door windows are difficult to operate. The left rear passenger seat belt is torn. The gauge cluster trim to center vent trim is misaligned. The carpet is faded, and there is a tear on the driver side foot area that is sewn up. The AC works. All gauges work. The glove box lock is a little sticky. There are no floor mats present. The manual choke works.

Next is the engine bay. I check all serviceable fluids and they're at their proper levels and clean. I check for leaks and I find gas puddled on the intake manifold under the carburetor. All belts, hoses, and clamps look good. There is also oil residue on the back of the right valve cover. Most everything appears to be stock aside from the carb, cam, and exhaust. I check for rust in the engine bay and there is none. I check for leaks and rust on the undercarriage and there is none. All suspension and brake components look to be in good condition.

Lastly, the test drive. Starting the vehicle takes a couple tries. You have to keep the revs up until there is some heat built up for a couple of minutes until it will hold a steady and smooth idle. On start up there is blue and black smoke. The choke does work, but still needs to be finessed. The motor does sound healthy once idling on its own. The car goes into each gear just fine and goes through the gears smoothly. The brakes do not work well at all. They went to the floor and the car could barely hold a stop while in drive. This will require further diagnosis. The ride feels good, and the steering is tight. The suspension is fine and there are no odd or unusual noises and no vibration. See below for information and pictures.

Vehicle Info

Year 1967
Make Ford
Model Mustang
Mileage 96663
Transmission Automatic
VIN Number 7T01C179051
Interior Vinyl
Interior Color Red
Body Color Red
Engine 8 Cylinder
Drive Type Rear Wheel Drive
Fuel Type Gas


Wiper Blades
Body Alignment
Almost all of the panel gaps are off at least a little bit - see pictures.
There are light scratches on each quarter panel.
Paint Condition
There is rust along the rear of the trunk lid, inside both door jambs, and along the drip edge.
Exterior Lights
The driver head light trim ring is loose.
Door Mirrors
The front bumper has slight surface rust.
Frame Damage
Body Seals
Body Filler?
There is body filler throughout the roof of the vehicle. This is common on vehicles that originally had a vinyl roof. There is also body filler at the bottoms of the rocker panels.
Quarter Panels
Some of the chrome trim around the windows is bubbling.


Steering Wheel
Horn The horn does not work.
Seat Condition
Seat Belts
The left rear passenger seat belt is torn.
Radio/Navigation The radio does not work.
Inner Door Panels
The left door panel has bumps in it and the right door panel is misaligned.
Window Function
Both door windows are hard to operate, and the LR .25 window is inoperable.
The gauge cluster trim is misaligned with the center vent trim.
Sun Visors
Dash Lights
Dash Gauges
Air Conditioning
Carpet The carpet is faded.
Cigarette Use
Unusual Odors
Blower Motor
Interior Trim
Inner Trunk


Air Filter
Battery Condition
Charging System
Cooling Fan Condition
Radiator Cap Sealing Properly
Engine Coolant
Coolant Leaks
Power Steering
Steering Fluid
Engine Oil
Engine Fluid Leaks
There is gas puddled on the intake manifold under the carburetor.
Transmission Fluid
Transmission Leaks
Brake System
The brakes did not work well at all. This requires further diagnosis.
Brake Fluid Leaks
There is a possibility of a brake fluid leak I did not see - see above note on lack of braking performance.
Differential leaks
Muffler System
Shocks and bushings
Ball Joints and Tie Rods

Road Test

Road Test Yes
Engine Performance
Transmission performance
Differential Performance
Wheel Bearing Performance
Braking Performance
The brakes go to the floor and barely hold the car at a stop while in drive.
Suspension Performance
Steering Performance
Engine Starting
The engine wont hold an idle until it is warmed up.


Driver FrontPrimewellPrimewellPassenger Front
Driver RearPrimewellPrimewellPassenger Rear


Driver Front225/70/14225/70/14Passenger Front
Driver Rear225/70/14225/70/14Passenger Rear

Axle Count

Tire Condition

Driver FrontDry RotDry RotPassenger Front
Driver RearDry RotDry RotPassenger Rear

Wheel Condition

Driver FrontMissing Hubcap/Center CapNo IssuesPassenger Front
Driver RearCurb RashMissing Hubcap/Center CapPassenger Rear

Tire Tread

Driver Front7/327/32Passenger Front
Driver Rear8/327/32Passenger Rear
Spare Tire
Spare tireYes

Tire Tread Explanation

10/32 or more

Tires have plenty of tread!


8/32 or more

Tires have plenty of tread!

(low profile)

5/32 to 7/32

Tires will need replacement soon!

4/32 or less

Tires need replacement!

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