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  • This Chrysler is a Lemon!!

    This Chrysler Touring had more than expected damage for its age and mileage, and is in quite poor condition. From a distance, this vehicle looks like a pretty clean and decent car but once one of our lemonsquad.com inspectors began his inspection he could tell that he was dealing with an official lemon. This is… Read more »

  • Lemon of the Week

    The lemon of the week prize this week goes to the ‘06 Beaver by Monaco.   One thing a lot of people don’t seem to understand is that when you leave a vehicle to sit, it doesn’t necessarily preserve the life of the vehicle. It can actually have the opposite affect. Not properly maintaining your vehicle,… Read more »

  • Beware of FAKE Lemon Squad reports

    Hello current and future customers! It has come to our attention that some sellers are providing their potential buyers with a Lemon Squad report that has been forged. In other words, we never looked at the seller’s vehicle, but they have a “report” saying we did. If your seller is using a Lemon Squad report… Read more »

  • Steps to Take If You’re Buying a Used Vehicle from Another State

    There are times when buying a car is as simple as going across town. Other times, it means going a longer distance to find the vehicle you really want. If you’re buying a used car from another state, make sure you’re a diligent customer to avoid ending up with a lemon. Get It Inspected Whenever you… Read more »

  • 7 Issues Used Auto Dealers Attempt to Hide from Buyers

    A lot of people don’t trust used car dealerships because some of them try to hide problems from potential buyers. You should always be cautious when purchasing a used vehicle and be careful of who you purchase from. Before you go to a used car dealership, look for reviews on the internet about their business…. Read more »

  • Purchasing a Used Vehicle from a Private Seller vs. a Dealer

    Buying a used car can be a great way to get affordable transportation. However, you need to make sure you can verify the vehicle’s condition and that whoever sells it has the legal right to do so. Here are some of the differences between acquiring a vehicle from a dealer as opposed to buying from… Read more »