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Thank you so much for doing such a great job inspecting the car. The price was very low compared to comprable cars and it seemed too good to be true. I appreciate you noting your concerns with the car and I will be using this service in the future. Thank you again.

I just received the vehicle inspection you completed for me and wanted to thank you for the invaluable information. Trying to find a classic/vintage SUV has me looking at vehicles on the internet all over the country. I was very close to making an offer on one that I had found in Florida (I am in Utah) but was not comfortable doing so sight unseen. I was referred to Lemon Squad by the dealer that had the vehicle. The report I received (Classic Car report) was very detailed, and tremendously valuable in helping me make my decision. While the dealer that referred me may not be as happy as I am with the referral (I decided not to pursue a purchase) I can tell you that I won't make an offer on a car in the future that is out of my market without getting a Lemon Squad Inspection.

Your mechanic did a very thorough review; thanks!

You guys rock! Thank you so much. The dealer didn't tell me that the panel was bent, so I'm glad you did. I really appreciate the timing on this too. The inspector went out the next day and that really made my day.

I had an inspection done by your team on 7/3/2014 in Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. It was done on a 1962 Corvette I was interested in purchasing. Your inspection was not only thorough but very detailed and the photos and report were impressive to say the least. I had two additional questions pertaining to this car after I received your report and I called your office and received detailed answers to these two questions right away. I purchased the car, sight unseen and I must tell you your inspection, report and the 83 photos were invaluable. I recommend your co. without reservation. Thanks for a great experience. The car in question was everything you said it was and more

Thank you for the thorough review of the vehicle. The summary was very helpful, and with the related pictures, addressed all of the concerns I had. This inspection was extremely helpful (and necessary) and helping me make my decision to purchase.

Just wanted to say - Thanks for your inspection - saved me big money down the road. I will definitely contact you again, before I purchase a vehicle

Great, all around writeup, the focus on paint blemishes is appreciated but a little more focus on the mechanical aspects of the car would have been a little better. the general summary was great though, rather than give a checklist of things the inspector gave a general "feel" about the condition of the car, which helps a lot when you're several states away and can only generate opinion based on a coupe dealer photos. Directly addressing a few of the big things i added in the "additional notes" section was great too, since i was mostly worried about those bits. 'twas prompt too, i was fully expecting to have to wait until monday for the report (which would have been perfectly fine) but getting it on saturday is a nice plus!

Thanks. Your inspection saved us from buying a car that would have been a considerable disappointment. Your inspector's fair but critical eye is much appreciated.

Very informative. I appreciate the info. Wouldn't buy a used car without your guys service. Thanks, -William

This is the second time I have used Lemon Squad in the past week. I am very impressed with their customer service and professionalism. I am purchasing from a smaller market, Little Rock, Arkansas so I am looking at surrounding larger metro markets like Dallas and Houston due to needing a very specific car. I can look past normal ware but when it comes to poor body damage repair and multiple small issues that combined would equal substantial expenses that are not seen in dealer pics or on the Carfax this is what I really appreciate from Lemon Squad. The final report I receive is very detailed and I love your grading system! Thank you again for saving me time, money and countless frustrations.

Good morning. I really think you did a very good job, thank you. I am shocked to see the condition this car is really in. I was already dreaming I had this car in my garage. Unfortunately, this car did not meet my expectations. I will keep you in mind if it is necessary for me to go thru all this again. Again, thank you and have a good day.

Thanks for such a comprehensive report. This was not a high dollar car, but you gave it a very thorough and helpful inspection. This car has some issues that I will want to avoid, so you may be inspecting another one for me down the road.

Great service, extremely polite staff,and a detailed report with specific pictures of area of concerns. Just hired them again for another, and will do the same in the future.

Great service. Caught a big money fix(that the dealership said they are going to fix). I would have never known. The service is very thorough. I would highly recommend it!

5 STARS Just want to say thank you for the professional team of people your company had to help me determine to buy a car or not to buy a car 2400 miles from where I live. Your company provided plenty of information for me to decide not to buy the car which saved me money and time I would have wasted if I had traveled out to inspect the car only to have returned empty handed. By just looking at the advertised pictures of the car I would have bought it , but after the Lemon Squad checked it out for me I know I made the right choice. Thanks so much for the fair price for all the work you did for me. I will use your company again if I find another car that I think I might want to buy in the future. Mr. Morrow in Virginia

Very thorough, made sure to review the service records as I asked them to, and took photos of the service record summary. Very good job.

Five Star Service , Prompt and very professional service. I will definitely use your firm again for my next classic vehicle purchase. Regards, Rick

Thank you very much for the report! Very professional and informative well worth the money so that I don't waste a lot of money! I appreciate your service

i was very impressed with your technician's thorough inspection of a car that I was considering purchasing in Slidell, Louisiana. The report allowed me to negotiate a price reduction for needed repairs. I especially appreciate the techician working on Saturday and uploading the report within just a few hours of completion.

Thank you so much for doing a great job! We saved a lot of money by NOT buying the car. You're a great company, I'll use you again!

My father said he had an excellent experience with the man who came out to inspect the vehicle. The inspector was able to come around 6:30pm on Thursday evening and had the report entered and ready for us by Friday. Very professional and courteous as well as pleasant, dad states they chatted for a bit and the inspector apologized for how long things were taking. We have been attempting to complete the process of me purchasing the car from my dad for about a month now and this was by far one of the simplest things we've had to deal with. Inspector called to set up an appointment, was able to come out that same day and had everything ready to go for us in less than 24 hours. I sincerely appreciate the excellent customer service we were provided with in addition to a prompt inspection. Thanks so much!

EXCELLENT review, very thorough and detailed, you saved me from buying a vehicle that was repainted and most likely in an accident. I thank you so very very much to the lemon squad for doing this. You guys are well worth the price when purchasing any vehicle. I couldn't have made a decision without going down to the vehicle and I'm far from it or buy the vehicle sight unseen and find these issues that are a BIG deciding factor for me. THANK YOU SO VERY VERY VERY MUCH! I will definitely use you for my next find which will be very soon.

This is perfect. It's exactly what I needed. A detailed report like this one is the reason why I will be buying more!! Thanks so much again.

Inspection was extremely helpful. Items that could be seen in the photos on the listing but were overlooked were identified as potential issues during the inspection. Since this vehicle was out of town, it was great having "boots on the ground" to provide an expert inspection to help me make my purchase decision. I decided to pass on this particular vehicle and I will definitely be using lemon squad again.

you guys are great! your inspection helped me decide and gave me the needed second opinion on the curent status of the wrangler. i strongly recommend an inspection like this. any seller who doesn't agree to do one is hiding something. seller and myself were present during the inspection, still the inspector did a professional and honest job. many thanks! next car will be checked by you guys again!

I can't say enough about these guys.They are the absolute best. Incredibly thorough and professional. I would never buy a used car without having them inspect it first. Just used them for the first time for a car I was looking at for my daughter, and they found several things that the seller intentionally did to hide problems with the vehicle.

What a great experience! The inspector, Steven, was always polite, courteous and made every effort to work around my hectic schedule. He inspected the vehicle at my work place, which really saved me so much time and hassle. The inspection was thorough and I now know much more about my purchase than before. Lemon Squad over delivers what others merely promise. Prompt, courteous, efficient, flexible and thorough are all the right words to use when describing my experience with Andy,Steven and the Lemon Squad team. I can now drive my new used vehicle with confidence, knowing what it's current condition is and what I may expect in the future. This was money well spent. Job well done, Lemon Squad! My thanks and my very best to you...Ted Guice

Thank you for comprehensive and complete RV survey within 24 hrs of my request. The detailed pictures showed the true condition of the unit. The survey answered all my questions and concerns. Looking at a 5th wheel in Florida and living in Mass. is difficult and your service made it possible. Many thanks to the surveyor. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend your services to anyone... The best $300.00 investment one could make when trying to get a timely and accurate description before buying an RV from a distance............

Super Awesome and THOROUGH!!! inspection. I really appreciate this inspectors work!