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Lemon of the Week (September 21st, 2022)

Wondering what an inspection report can find for potential buyers? You are in the right place! 

On Wednesdays, we will post a poll to our Instagram story with two vehicles that Lemon Squad inspectors have previously inspected. Our followers have the chance to place their vote for which car is in worse shape, or in other words, which is the bigger lemon

After 24 hours, we tally up the votes to find the Lemon of the Week according to our followers. The following week, we release a blog (like this one) to provide a deeper dive into the inspection report, what was discovered, and why a pre-purchase inspection is essential. So if you missed last week, get involved today! 

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This week, the lemon of the week is… Car number 2 – the 2018 Porsche Cayenne!

2018 Porsche Cayenne

In each inspection conducted by Lemon Squad, three vital categories go into the assessment of a vehicle – Interior, exterior, and drive test factors. This particular vehicle appeared to be what we call a DIY Disaster


The interior of the vehicle revealed a lot of cosmetic issues within the car.

The carpet on the front driver’s side appeared to have been shredded with a knife and glued in attempts to fix the worse-than-average wear and tear. The driver’s side and passenger side back seat trim needed to be popped back in; however, the passenger side was loose near the rear. This requires a new clip. The driver and passenger front pillar side trims are misaligned. 

Beyond that, the rest of the interior appeared to be in average condition for the age and mileage. This car had 36,077 miles at the time of inspection. A general rule of thumb when buying used cars is for every year in the age of the vehicle, 12-15,000 miles should be on the odometer. Being relatively new (less than five years old), this car should show minimal cosmetic wear within the interior components. 


The exterior of the vehicle was in worse condition than the interior. 

The wiper blades were functioning, but the front and rear rubber of the edges needed to be replaced. While windshield wipers are a relatively easy and inexpensive fix, if not replaced, the vehicle’s driver risks damaging the vehicle’s windshield with scratches. 

The windshield washer functioned as expected as well; however, it requires adjustment as it sprayed mainly the top of the car at the time of inspection. This might be something you would need to keep an eye on if you were to purchase this vehicle. 

Also, there were prominent body alignment issues were recurrent throughout the exterior of the vehicle. This was apparent in multiple places such as the rear hatch passenger side, front bumper to the hood, front bumper to headlights, driver front fender to the headlight, driver front fender to the driver front door, and front bumper to the air dam.

In terms of the vehicle’s exterior paint, the hood of the vehicle was clearly repainted. This was abundantly clear to the Lemon Squad inspector as a sticker had been painted over on the underside of the hood. While this may not be a big concern, especially if the paint looks good, this can be a sign that the vehicle has been in an accident. If that is the case, our mobile inspectors will note that in the report and pay special attention to the vehicle with that possibility in mind.

The front bumper and hood of the vehicle had multiple, minor paint chips and rock chips. Nothing of huge concern, but if you weren’t able to see this vehicle in person, you may have missed a negotiation opportunity!

The driver’s side front door to the front fender also has pretty apparent paint chips off the edge. 

The underside of the vehicle showed signs of rust, which we have mentioned the negative effects of in a previous Lemon of the Week blog. 

Moving on to the front bumper, which was misaligned on the driver’s side front fender and the underside of the hood and headlights. The front bumper center and driver’s side air dams were screwed with sheet rock grabber screws. 

This is yet another seemingly DIY repair on the vehicle. This repair also did not fix the front driver-side headlight as it was not functional at the time of inspection. It is crucial to get a car adequately repaired, not only for cosmetic reasons but also for safety reasons. 

Cars are complex mechanical objects, and each feature has been specially designed for the vehicle’s safety, efficiency, and performance. When improperly repaired, a car loses the efficiency and security developed in its making. For this reason, it is essential to repair cars properly, with the correct parts and solutions, and avoid vehicles with negligent repairs. 

The driver’s and passenger side lower front fender rocker panel molding was missing from the vehicle. 

The underside of the front seat battery box was straightened and resealed. 

The rocker panels were missing on the driver and passenger side front fender. 

The tailgate lift strut on the vehicle’s passenger side was missing, and the wires had been cut. For this reason, the trunk did not fully close correctly and was misaligned. 

The engine oil was in desperate need of replacement at the time of inspection.

And finally, the muffler had two prominent dents, and the exhaust showed signs of having been tweaked and bent in an attempt to restore it to its original shape. 


The drive test is standard within all exotic inspections by Lemon Squad. It provides the inspector with insight into the performance and condition of the vehicle based on how the car conducts itself on the road. 

The driving test on this Porsche revealed that the engine was in good condition at the time of inspection. The car had no issues starting, running, or driving. However, it is vital to acknowledge still the improper repairs that had been performed on the vehicle. Although the car ran well, the vehicle’s safety is an important consideration when considering the vehicle as a potential purchase.

A pre-purchase used car inspection is an integral part of car buying. It provides insight into the actual condition of a vehicle rather than a biased sales pitch. When potential buyers cannot see the car themselves, before buying, an inspector can offer them an honest third-party opinion so that they can make an informed decision. It also provides the buyer with insight that is crucial for negotiating.

Think about it, how much would you pay for a 2018 Porsche Cayenne in pristine condition, and how much would you pay for this one? 

Save yourself time and money during your next car purchase and avoid buying a lemon. Get started today by booking an inspection with Lemon Squad!