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Beware of Water and Flood Damaged Vehicles



Something that can be frustrating for both buyers and inspectors is a vehicle with flood or water damage.

There a many unknowns when you start inspecting a car and you notice heavy moisture in places that aren’t common or normal.

How long was the vehicle wet? How submerged was it? What kind of water? Fresh water or salt water? Salt water can be especially damaging.

The reason these questions are so important, is because not only can you get heavy rust issues, you can also start seeing problems with things like the electrical system, engine, transmission and cooling system.

Unless some big effort has been put in on repairs, you can definitely expect problems in the future.

Also, any time a car has been subjected to heavy moisture or flooding, this vehicle very much deserves to be sold well below market value. It would be completely foolish and unfair to put an abundance of money into a possible flood damaged vehicle.

Unfortunately, Thousands of damaged & destroyed cars due to water damage or flood don’t end up junked, but rather quietly and secretly resold to an unsuspecting buyer that later gets to flip the bill on some major repairs.

In this ‘05 Mustang GT you see below, there were many signs of water damage and flooding.

There is rust formation on the lower interior hardware including seat tracks, as well as dirt inside the glove box.

The underside and interior of this vehicle shows signs of major rust and some in areas that are not common.

The cooling system is not building pressure properly and both the floors and the seat belts are damp.

Another major red flag for this vehicle is that upon hooking the computer up, the monitors were incomplete. 

This is a sign that the computer has been reset. The inspector could see no current or pending codes and all history has been erased.

All of the issues mentioned here above were not disclosed by the seller and he had every intention of selling this damaged car just the way it is, at a high price, to an innocent and unsuspecting buyer. Thankfully, the party interested in buying this car was smart enough to have a thorough inspection done by a professional. As a result, the headache of buying a damaged vehicle was avoided, the costly and extensive repairs that would have come with the purchase were averted, and his down payment was canceled. ALWAYS get a Used Vehicle INSPECTED!

This Chrysler is a Lemon!!

This Chrysler Touring had more than expected damage for its age and mileage, and is in quite poor condition. From a distance, this vehicle looks like a pretty clean and decent car but once one of our lemonsquad.com inspectors began his inspection he could tell that he was dealing with an official lemon. This is why we can’t stress enough the importance of a proper pre-purchase used car inspection before you buy any used vehicle.

This Chrysler has paint damage to the hood and bumpers, the headlights do not work properly, there is heavy curb damage to the wheels and the tires are very dry rotted from age. There are parts of this vehicle that are coming apart, and even a few parts missing. The AC system in this car is not functioning, and during the vehicle computer scan, there were some fault codes detected that show this vehicle will need even further diagnosis.

Don’t Buy a Lemon, friends. There is no reason to lay your hard earned money down on a bad vehicle.

Get your used vehicle inspected before you buy so you can avoid having problems like this old, worn out Chrysler.

And if you happen to see a sheet rock screw holding together the bumper like one of these photos shows… Run fast!

Lemon of the Week

The lemon of the week prize this week goes to the ‘06 Beaver by Monaco.


One thing a lot of people don’t seem to understand is that when you leave a vehicle to sit, it doesn’t necessarily preserve the life of the vehicle. It can actually have the opposite affect. Not properly maintaining your vehicle, whether a tiny sports car or a big RV, usually carries some hefty consequences. Things can be eaten and nested in by mice, if left outdoors, weather can cause extra wear and tear, and many issues such as corrosion and oxidization can occur.

Those are all things one of our lemonsquad.com inspectors found with this unit.

Upon initial observation, he noted that the exterior of this RV was not in the like-new condition as stated in the advertisement. This can often mean that old photos were used, or that the pictures in the ad were actually touched up, trying make the vehicle appear better than it is.

There were also some electrical concerns with this unit, and while going through some system checks on this RV, it actually completely stopped operating. These are all things that are commonly observed in a vehicle that has sat and sadly, there will likely be further component failures down the line with this one due to lack of use over time. This unit had very low miles and much potential for providing great fun in the future, but by being parked and left to sit, this RV will need a lot of work before it can be considered reliable again. What a shame.

This my friends, is why all of us at Lemon Squad feel it is so important to get a pre-purchase used auto inspection before you buy any used vehicle. There is no reason to put your hard earned cash down on a vehicle that you’re not fully confidant in. Don’t Buy A Lemon!