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Lemon of the Week (August 31st, 2022)

After a very close vote, the Lemon of the week is finally here, the winner being car number 1 – the 2010 GMC Terrain. 

What Is ‘Lemon Of The Week’?

Each week Lemon Squad takes a poll from our Instagram followers to determine the Lemon of the Week. 

Users are provided the choice between two vehicles previously inspected by one of our many inspectors. We will note just a couple of the issues found during the inspection service, but keep in mind that we call these cars “Lemons” for a reason!

After the results are accounted for, we will give all the juicy details about this vehicle, what the inspection revealed, and why it is essential to get a pre-purchase auto inspection when buying a used car. 

The Inspection

Let’s do a deep dive into the inspection, as this vehicle does not look too sour based on the photos alone. 

The vehicle’s interior showed a lot of wear and tear on the steering wheel and front seats. Beyond that, the interior showed expected wear for a used car. The radio had staticky sounds, and the antenna was missing, otherwise, most electrical components were fully functional. 

The exterior of the vehicle was in worse condition than the interior. 

The hood of the car was misaligned and the front bumper was not flush with the body of the car. Minor dings and scratches were apparent around the vehicle’s body and dents on the left and right fender and right quarter panel. In addition, rust was found on the doors, hood, tailgate, undercarriage, and right fender. 

If rust is noted in an inspection, you will want to consider whether that car is worth the money is is being listed at. As a general rule: Rust that is only skin deep, that’s a vehicle you can keep. 

If the rust spots are small, they are relatively inexpensive to repar. Therefore, minor or cosmetic rust might not be a deal breaker. However, if the rust affects more components of the car like the frame, you might want to be a little more weary.

The reason why rust is so bad for your car is because it makes the iron components very brittle. If a car with excessive rust were to be involved in an accident, it may seriously compromise the safety features of your vehicle. 

Finally, the driving test revealed even more issues with the vehicle!

The engine coolant reservoir was overfilled. The belts of the vehicle were harshly worn. The engine had multiple oil leaks. The transmission showed fluid leaks. The transfer case leaked. There was an apparent exhaust leak near the front end of the vehicle. The car’s shocks, ball joints, and tie rods showed severe wear and tear. The engine of the vehicle, when driven, had a rough idle. The transmission made a whining noise when the car was accelerating. The suspension performance left much to be desired as the ride quality was poor, with many knocks and clunks. The alignment of the vehicle was off-center and jerky. The car’s system showed many lights, including the Tire Pressure System, a warning message, and codes stored. 

Phew – that’s a lot!

Many cosmetic issues were minor for this specific vehicle, yet the car was in worse shape than advertised. Without the road test, this potential buyer could have fallen victim to a Lemon. The road test is an essential part of Lemon Squad’s Standard Inspection

The Standard Inspection is designed for cars less than 20 years old. By choosing the proper inspection for the vehicle, you have access to highly trained inspectors specializing in the issues and warning signs for that vehicle’s classification. Lemon Squad matches inspectors to the right job to guarantee you get a qualified, uninvolved third-party opinion on the vehicle’s quality and condition. 

Why is a Pre-Purchase Inspection Necessary?

A pre-purchase inspection offers many benefits to potential buyers. If you cannot see a car in person before purchasing, a pre-purchase inspection decreases your risk of scams or false advertising. It also lets you learn more about the vehicle, its performance, and its condition. It also allows potential buyers to make an informed decision, increasing buyers’ bargaining power. 

For these reasons, pre-purchase auto inspections are a valuable tool for used car buyers. 

Lemon Squad makes it easier than ever to avoid buying a lemon. With inspectors available in every zip code within the United States, you can get an honest opinion on any car you are looking to buy. 

So get started today and book an inspection with Lemon Squad!