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Lemon of the Week (September 7th, 2022)

Another poll has led to another Lemon of the week, the winner being car number 2… the 2012 Volkswagen Tiguan

Each week, Lemon Squad takes a poll with our Instagram followers to pick which of two lemons that our inspectors have previously inspected is the biggest Lemon. With a few highlights of the issues we found and a photo, followers can vote for the car they think is the bigger Lemon. 

The following week, we released a blog (just like this) to dive deeper into the inspections and what exactly makes this car a lemon. 

These polls are weekly, so if you missed the last one, get involved in the next one! We publish the poll on our Instagram story each Wednesday, and users have 24 hours to place their votes. 

2012 Volkswagen Tiguan

A deeper dive into this inspection amplifies a pre-purchase inspection’s importance. So now, let’s get into what was revealed during the inspection: 

The inspection started with a dead battery and the inspector could not verify the mileage. This was not a great first impression!

Since the battery was dead, the inspector could not conduct a road test. 

A road test is standard for nearly all Lemon Squad’s inspections as it often reveals any possible hidden issues in the car’s performance and condition. Without the road test, there is still uncertainty about the car’s ability to drive well or whether it drives at all. 

The vehicle’s interior, specifically the electrical components, was difficult to inspect because of the dead battery. Beyond that, there was an odor within the vehicle that alluded to a water leak. Unfortunately, the source of the leak was not revealed during the inspection, so a further diagnostic is necessary. 

The vehicle’s exterior was in decent condition based on the year and mileage of the car. 

Minor miscellaneous scratches were found around the vehicle and other minor imperfections may have been covered by dust, as the car was filthy at the inspection time. The underside of the vehicle showed signs of rust, which as mentioned in our previous Lemon Of The Week Blog, can cause major issues.

As for the mechanic part of the inspection, there are a few issues with this car that will need to be addressed if the customer were to purchase it. 

The engine coolant needs to be replaced, and the whole system should be flushed. The engine oil should be changed as it was very dirty. Active oil leaks were apparent within the engine. The brake fluid was old and dirty, requiring flushing and replacement. The rotors have a ring of rust around them, and the brake pads had less than 50% remaining. 

The key takeaway from this inspection should be the value of a pre-purchase inspection. In the used car world, false advertising runs rampant. 

For individuals unable to view the vehicle in person before purchase, claims of the car’s capabilities cannot be tested. With mobile pre-purchase inspections, everyone can get an unbiased third opinion of the quality and performance of a vehicle before it’s too late. 

Purchasing a vehicle without viewing it in person is like playing Russian Roulette with your wallet. 

Sometimes you are safe and the money you spend on the used car is money well spent. But sometimes you will waste thousands of dollars on a car that needs further costly repairs and is unreliable. 

You might even fall victim to a scam and purchase a vehicle that doesn’t even exist!

Rather than buying a car and experiencing the stress of false advertisement, Lemon Squad sends trained professionals to inspect a vehicle honestly. They can also arm you with the information you need to negotiate a better price. 

So get started by booking an inspection today, and avoid buying a Lemon!