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Lemon Of The Week

After a competitive poll, the winning lemon of the week is vehicle number 2A 2003 Ford E450

Each week, Lemon Squad takes a poll from our Instagram followers. We provide images of two vehicles that have previously been inspected by Lemon Squad, and a brief summary of some of the vehicle’s imperfections. Our followers are then able to vote on which vehicle they think is a bigger “lemon”. After each poll, we combine the results to find the Lemon of the Week. Follow us on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook  to get involved in the next round of voting and see what else is new with Lemon Squad!

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Let’s take some time to dive a bit deeper into the inspection report and what really makes this vehicle a lemon. We  want to stress the importance of having a pre–purchase inspection when buying a used car. This 2003 Ford E450 is an excellent example of “there’s more than meets the eye” (in the worst way). 

One of the biggest red flags for this Ford was that the Lemon Squad inspector could not even test drive the car; it would not run or drive and lacked power in many components. It is standard for Lemon Squad Inspectors to test drive every vehicle as it provides invaluable insight on the condition and performance of a car. 

Even after continuous attempts at jumping the battery, the vehicle could not maintain power, making it clear that it required a battery replacement. The backup camera on the vehicle did have power but still read “no signal.”

The vehicle’s exterior was plagued with scratches and dents that were even noticeable under the advertising wrap that encompassed the whole van. The advertising wrap made it nearly impossible to inspect the condition of the actual paint of the vehicle. Additionally, the vehicle’s underside showed significant signs of rot and rust on the frame, which would require metal work to be repaired. The rear shocks also sported rust and other signs of extreme age, demanding replacement as soon as possible. 

Compared to the exterior, the vehicle’s high mileage of 155,717 miles made the interior appear in better condition. General wear and tear on the seats and carpets showed that the state of the interior is very much in line with the vehicle’s age and mileage.

Overall, the vehicle’s exterior condition, the necessary repairs, and required metalwork make this 2003 Ford a Lemon. The issue with this vehicle is in the extensive and considerable nature of the needed repairs. All of these necessary repairs further makes the case to get a pre-purchase inspection before buying a car.

Lemon Squad Has You Covered

Even if you are out of state from the vehicle you intend to purchase, it is essential to have someone outside the seller view the car. Having a knowledgeable, uninvolved third party complete an inspection on the external and internal condition of a vehicle makes a sale much more transparent for the buyer. 

Lemon Squad provides car buyers with qualified inspectors within all zip codes of the United States, making it easy for any buyer to make an informed decision when it comes to used vehicle purchasing. Each inspection includes 100+ images of the vehicle and an in-depth inspection report that describes all of the systems mentioned above. Lemon Squad is equipt to inspect standard cars, classic cars, exotic cars, commercial vehicles, motorcycles, and RVs. 

As a buyer, you now have the tools to avoid the hassle of buying used cars, site unseen. Don’t buy a lemon – book a mobile pre-purchase inspection with Lemon Squad!