Mobile Pre-Purchase Used Car Inspections in Dallas, Texas

The economic center of North Texas, Dallas (and Texas) is home to some of our best inspectors. We cover all of Texas.


What Makes performing a Pre Purchase Inspection in dallas unique?

As a major hub of banking, commerce, technology, and more, it's important that your car is up to it.

Dallas is one of the largest and growing centers of productivity in the US, and you need your vehicle to be just as reliable. Our pre-purchase used car inspections will make sure that any used vehicle you look at passes all the checks for anything Texas may have in store for it. Whether it's a Ford, GMC, Toyota or a Porsche, BMW, or even a Lamborghini--we've got you covered!

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We cover all of Texas and have expert inspectors with several decades of experience in the DFW area (Dallas, Fort-Worth, Arlington) So you can rest assured that if you get a pre-purchase used car inspection, you and your new car will be ready for anything.

Meet Some Inspectors

Meet a few of our vehicle technicians in Texas who might be doing your car inspection!

Tony D.

Over 25 years of automotive service technician specialized with FORD products, as an automatic and manual drive train repair and maintenance specialist with 8 years experience as a shop foreman. He also has experience in Sales as a independeent Sales Specialist.

Tony is ASC certified in: automatic trans/transaxle manual drive train and axle electrical/electronics system Ford Drive Train Master Technician

Melvin B.

Melvin was a damage appraiser from 1986 up to 1996. He Started a company that specialized in classic car restorations in 1986. By the time he sold that company it was one of the largest restoration shops in the country. He has also authored some books on restoration. These days, amongst other thing, he is part of the Lemon Squad team of inspectors doing inspections in and around Dallas Texas.

Robert V.

Bob has been in the motor industry his entire life and is a true auto care specialist in every sense of the word. He has been ASE, Master and L1, certified for over 30 years. In addition, he is a certified master motorcycle technician for most brands and holds a Class A CDL license. As quite the sportsman he enjoys travel, boating, and still finds time to road race motorcycles.


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