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What Makes a Colorado Inspection Unique?

From downtown Denver to the front range and out to the Western Slope, we've got you covered!

Buying a new used car in the Mile High City of Denver comes with its own unique list of issues. Does the altitude affect your potential used car? Does the snow and slush and road salt damage your underbody? Getting a pre-purchase used car inspection is very important when you’re thinking about getting a new vehicle for driving in Denver, and beyond. A qualified used car inspector will know what to look for. So whether you live in Colorado Springs, Boulder, or any of the surrounding areas, Lemon Squad has inspectors who will make sure that the condition of any used vehicle you intend to buy is up to par.

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Lemon Squad is here to help. We service all the major metro areas in Colorado including Denver, Colorado Springs, Grand Junction, Fort Collins, Greeley, Boulder, Pueblo and everything in between.


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