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Local Car Inspections in Rhode Island

As a nationwide car inspection company, we service every major metro area in the state of Rhode Island, including Providence, Newport, Narragansett, Exeter and every little place in between.

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A proudly patriotic potato serves as “official mascot” of the Fourth of July Parade in Bristol, Rhode Island, the home of Mr. Potato Head. If Lemon Squad were to throw its own parade, we would have a giant lemon as our mascot, with a stake driven through its heart symbolizing the blood sucking, money draining nature of lemon used cars. BEFORE you lay down your hard-earned money on a used car, call in Lemon Squad used car inspection service to detail every aspect of that potential purchase. Once you’ve gained the confidence of driving a new used car that has undergone our inspection, you can drive to places like the vampire’s grave in Exeter, or the mystery Viking tower in Newport. Don’t be caught at the side of the road in a lemon. Call Lemon Squad today and get your vehicle inspected.

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