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Local Car Inspections in Iowa

As a nationwide car inspection company, we service all the major metro areas in Iowa, including Des Moines, Fort Dodge, Council Bluffs, Soiux City, Battle Creek and everything in between.

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You’d think a quiet state like Iowa, associated with farming, agriculture and the future birthplace of Captain James T. Kirk in Riverside, would not have such attractions as the Villisca axe murder house, or Burlington’s Twisty switchback road, claimant to the World's Crookedest Street Battle. Worse yet is the fact that even in Iowa, someone could sell you a lemon of a used car. Avoid being taken, and get that used car an inspection before you make your purchase. Then you can drive to the Grotto in West Bend or the steel Mary in Soiux City and thank heaven for Lemon Squad’s certified used vehicle inspection service. Don’t be caught driving a lemon. Order your inspection today.


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