Local Car Inspections in Pennsylvania

We service every major metropolitan area in the state of Pennsylvania including Philadelphia, Pittsburg, Scranton, Harrisburg, Allentown, Lancaster and every village and hamlet in between.

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Pennsylvania is full of history and beauty. People come from far and wide to view the Liberty Bell and the many historical museums. Pennsylvania is also home to the delicious and famous Hershey Park.

No matter where we’re traveling from, and no matter where we’re going, having a reliable vehicle is going to be necessary. At Lemon Squad, we believe every family should have the peace of mind knowing that their used car is going to keep them safe and get them where they’re going. No one likes the embarrassment of being late because their car wouldn’t start, or canceling a trip because their used car just isn’t up for it. That’s why it’s important that before you put money on any used vehicle, you get a detailed, pre-purchase car inspection from a qualified professional.

Don’t be stuck taking Hershey Park away from the kids, or paying out extra cash on car parts instead of playing at Knoebels Amusement Resort. Get a pre-purchase used car inspection before you buy so you can get out there and enjoy everything Pennsylvania has to offer.


Inspections For Every Vehicle