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Local Car Inspections in Maine

As a nationwide car inspection company, we service all the major metropolitan areas in Maine, including Portland, Augusta, Waterville, Bangor and everything in between.

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If you’re driving up to visit the Bush’s at their place in Kennibunkport, make sure you do not leave a bad impression on the former president by having your car break down in their driveway. Call the Lemon Squad today to have one of their certified used car inspectors check out your potential used car purchase. Once you’ve had our thorough inspection of every detail of the car, you can take it to the road with confidence! Load up the kiddos and see Scarborough’s chocolate sculpted moose, or the World's Tallest Indian that towers over downtown Skowhegan -- or he used to, before the trees around him got so tall. Order your car inspection today, so you won’t be driving a lemon tomorrow!


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