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We service every metro area in the state of Oregon, including Portland, Eugene, Salem, Medford and everywhere in between.

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In 2009 the city of St. Helens, Oregon, received a small grant to create something that would draw visitors off the highway and into downtown. Avoiding the predictable sign or billboard, St. Helens came up with a novel idea: a miniature version of its namesake, the volcano Mount St. Helens. The only problem would be if your new used car quit working along the way, leaving you blowing your top like a volcano for not having called a certified used car inspector BEFORE you bought the lemon. Lemon Squad can help you get to the Skulls and Freaks Museum in Canyon City, or to visit Henry the Bear in Mitchell. All it takes is a simple phone call to Lemon Squad for a car inspection and one of their certified inspectors will go directly to your potential new used car and give it a detailed, thorough inspection of every aspect of the car.


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