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Local Car Inspections in Illinois

We service all the major metro areas in Illinois, including Chicago, Springfield, Peoria, Rockford, Moline and everything in between.

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In 2007, Chicago artist Tony Tassert created a seven-foot-tall bloodshot eyeball, using his own eye as a reference. We are pretty sure he had bloodshot eyes over the stress and tears caused by the used car he was driving. Avoid the bloodshot eyes and anxiety that can come as a result of not having your potential used car inspected by a professional used car inspection service. You don’t want to breakdown in Calumet City while driving the Illinois toll way, or miss the McDonald’s Museum in Des Plains because your used car didn’t get a thorough inspection of every detail of the car. Call Lemon Squad today for your vehicle inspection, so you're not stuck sitting at the side of the road tomorrow.


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