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We service every metropolitan area in New Jersey, including Atlantic City, Trenton, Vineland, Newark and every conceivable place in between.

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The toilet from Adolf Hitler's personal yacht still flushes at Greg's Auto Repair in Florence, New Jersey. There’s nothing like owning something that touched the bahookie of a megalomaniac. The bigger issue is this: what if someone knowingly or unwittingly sold you their used car… and it crapped out on you? Wouldn’t it be a good idea to have the car checked out by a certified used vehicle inspection service BEFORE you buy it? Lemon Squad thinks so. That’s why they have certified inspectors who will give your potential new used car a thorough, end-to-end, top-to-bottom detailed inspection, giving you the shiznit on every aspect of the car you intend to purchase. Lemon Squad will traverse the highways and byways of New Jersey, traveling to the car you want to buy. From Newark to Cape May, Franklin to Haddonfield, the Lemon Squad is on the road, so you will never have to off of it.

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