Local Car Inspections in Indiana

Indiana; The Hoosier State. Home to the ever popular Indianapolis zoo, Holiday World Splashin’ Safari, and the incredible Indianapolis Motor Speedway. All great places to see and explore… if your car can make it there...
You’d hate to have tickets to the next big Nascar event and then not be able to make it because you’re embarrassingly sitting broken down at the side of the road, or even worse, have the whole family sitting in the parking lot of the zoo, unable to leave because you didn’t get your used car inspected before you bought it.

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When you’re making plans for your next used vehicle purchase, buying a lemon is something you will definitely want to avoid. You have places to go and people who are counting on you, not to mention the hard earned cash you're putting down for that new set of wheels.

Work smarter, not harder. There’s no reason to buy a used car that will spend most of its time at the repair shop. Don’t buy a lemon. Lemon Squad has inspectors that cover all of Illinois and beyond, so once you’ve got your sights set on a used vehicle, order your pre-purchase used car inspection before you buy, and then you can plan all those fun family trips with confidence.


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