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We service every major metropolitan area in the state of North Carolina, including Charleston, Columbia, Spartanburg, Greenville, Myrtle Beach and everywhere in between.

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It was built to blow up Reds behind the Iron Curtain. Instead, it blew a hole in rural Mars Bluff, South Carolina. It was an atomic bomb, and on March 11, 1958 it created the only tourist-accessible site in the U.S. accidentally cratered by a nuclear weapon. You can get there from US 31, but not if your car bombs-out along the way. Before you purchase that new used car, call in Lemon Squad to give it a thorough, detailed, head-to-toe, stem-to-stern inspection. It’ll save you time, headaches, money and the need to “duck and cover” while stalled in the graveyard on I-85 median in Gaffney. Don’t drive a lemon. Call Lemon Squad for your car inspection today.

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