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Everything You Need To Know About Mobile Pre-Purchase Auto Inspection

What is a Mobile Pre-Purchase Auto Inspection? 

A mobile pre-purchase auto inspection examines a used vehicle before purchase without the hassle of transporting the vehicle to an auto shop. 

It allows an unbiased perspective on the condition and performance of the car. Mobile inspectors provide insight to buyers who cannot see a vehicle in person before purchase, often giving the buyer a more realistic expectation for the car, a more knowledgeable choice, and even added negotiation power. 

How Does a Mobile Pre-Purchase Inspection Work?

The inspector will go to the vehicle’s location and inspect the condition of the external and internal components of the car you are considering buying. The mobile inspector will often arrive at an unannounced time to prevent the seller from implementing temporary fixes on the vehicle to trick an inspector into giving a car a higher overall score. 

After completing the inspection, your inspector will create a report. We try to get you the inspection report within 24 hours but that is not always guaranteed. The quick turnaround time is a vital part of car buying, as cars sell quickly. Once you have the report, including notes from the inspection, and images of the vehicle, you are able to make an informed decision on if you want to move forward with the purchase. 

Why is it Important? 

Imagine this: You just bought your car, out of state, and two weeks later, it breaks down while you are driving to work. The dealer had told you the car was in great condition, but you can’t help but think maybe it’s not in as good of condition as the dealer had led you to believe (as you are now stranded on the side of the road and late for work). What else could go wrong? Once you finally get it towed to the mechanic you are informed that the car is in fact toast. Time to look for another car…Don’t you wish this was preventable? 

Well, it is! With a pre-purchase inspection, buyers can now get an honest opinion on the condition and performance of a vehicle before purchasing. An assessment helps prevent bad purchases or misrepresented vehicles from taking your time and money. In other words, it can stop you from wasting money on a Lemon.

A Lemon (Car): A vehicle that turns out to have several manufacturing issues affecting its safety, value or utility- a vehicle that is flawed

A pre-purchase inspection should always be performed when buying a used vehicle. Used car dealerships have hundreds of tricks to move cars quickly (even if they are not in the best condition). When you cannot see the vehicle firsthand, an opinion from someone not involved in the sale can reveal vital information that may affect your purchasing decision. Having the most information possible enables you to make an informed and educated decision, even without seeing the car. 

Lemon Squad offers trained professionals to any zip code within the United States. A professional inspector adds an additional layer of information as they are well versed and experienced in what issues to look out for with used cars. The nature of a professional inspection allows for a more in depth understanding of the quality of a used vehicle. 

What type of Mobile Pre-purchase Inspections are there? 

Lemon Squad offers six different types of inspections and multiple add-ons, so you get all the necessary information. In addition, the different types of assessments provided by Lemon Squad allow for a more vehicle-specific inspection and an inspection report from an individual who has experience with that type of vehicle. 

  • Standard 
  • Classic 
  • Exotic
  • Motorcycle 
  • RV’s
  • Commercial


Standard inspections are designed for cars no older than 20 years. It is the ideal inspection for most general, everyday drivers. It includes: 

  • A computer diagnosis of engine, transmission, ABS, and airbags 
  • A comprehensive mechanical assessment of complete drive train 
  • Inspection of the steering, suspension, and brakes 
  • Examination for previous accidents or flood damage 
  • A road test
  • Fluid level checks 
  • 25+ images of the vehicle. 

All of this information will be included in the inspection report. You will generally receive the report within 24-48 hours of your inspection. 


Classic inspections are geared toward any car that is over 20 years old. Generally, classic inspections deal with vintage vehicles that appeal to consumers through their style, experience, exclusivity, and craftsmanship. It includes: 

  • A comprehensive mechanical review of the engine and transmission
  • A complete drive-line inspection
  • Inspection of the steering, suspension, and brakes
  • Examination for previous accidents or flood damage
  • Check for previous body repairs or prior hidden damage, rust, and Bondo 
  • Verification of the engine and transmission numbers
  • A road test 
  • 40+ images of the vehicle 

Included in the classic inspection package is an emphasis on age deterioration, making it clear to you the vehicle’s quality, wear and tear. 


Exotic pre-purchase inspections are aimed at higher-end, luxury vehicles. It includes:

  • A computer diagnosis of engine, transmission, ABS, and Air-bag 
  • A comprehensive mechanical assessment of complete drive-train 
  • Inspection of the steering, suspension, and brakes
  • Examination for previous accidents or flood damage
  • A road test 
  • 25+ images of the vehicle

The exotic inspection caters to more detail, care, and attention-based inspection. When you are thinking of purchasing a high-end vehicle sight unseen, a quality inspection is a valuable tool. 


Motorcycle inspections include all motorcycles, no matter the bike’s make, model, or age. It includes: 

  • A comprehensive mechanical review of the engine and transmission 
  • A complete drive-line inspection 
  • Inspection of the steering, suspension, and brakes
  • Examination for previous accidents or flood damage
  • Check for previous body repairs, rust, Bondo, and hidden damage
  • Verification of the engine and transmission numbers
  • 25+ pictures of the motorcycle 

A motorcycle inspection provides accurate insight into the condition of a bike while emphasizing any apparent age deterioration. 


RV inspections are for all types of Motorhome Recreational Vehicles. Lemon Squad offers two types of assessments for RVs – Motorhome inspections and towables inspections. Motorhome and towables inspections include: 

  • A comprehensive mechanical inspection of complete drive-train 
  • 120 volt systems and appliances
  • Review of all appliances, including stove, fridge, heater, air conditioning, and water
  • Fresh water and drainage check 
  • Audio and video component inspection 
  • Generator and LP gas system check 
  • Leveling jack and slide-out inspection 
  • A road test
  • 40+ images of the motorhome 

Whether buying a motorhome for vacations or as a permanent residence, getting a pre-purchase inspection lets you know what condition your home away from home is in. 


Aimed at any commercial vehicle, Lemon Squad wants to make sure your business makes a quality purchase. Commercial vehicle inspections include: 

  • A comprehensive mechanical assessment of complete drive-train 
  • Evaluation of the steering, suspension, brakes, and fluid levels 
  • Examination for previous accidents or flood damage 
  • Inspection of all commercial components for condition and function 
  • Road test (performed by the seller or representative with the inspector as a passenger) 
  • 25+ images of the commercial vehicle 

Commercial vehicles play a vital role in many businesses. An inspection can prevent a company from making a regrettable purchase when safety or functionality is at risk because of a Lemon. 

What Add-ons does Lemon Squad Offer? 

Lemon Squad offers three different add ons, allowing you to decide how in-depth you want your inspection experience. With these additional add-ons, you are able to customize your inspection so that you are able to get any and all information in the best format for you. 

Verbal Vehicle Assessment 

A professional staff member will provide an in depth explanation of the details found within your inspection. For an additional fee, you have the option to receive this information verbally, over the phone, to gain a deeper understanding of your inspection. 

Carfax Vehicle History Report 

With the inclusion of the Carfax report, you have access to your vehicle’s history. This history contains any information about previous accidents, open recalls, previous owners, service history and more. If you’re interested in finding out more about the past quality of your vehicle’s care, this add-on is for you!

Market Value Assessment

Based on a complete assessment of the vehicle, a fair market value will be determined based on the date of your inspection. The fair market value of the vehicle is determined based on the mileage, operation, condition of the internal and external components and any customization of the car. A market value assessment provides you, as the buyer, more negotiation power during the sale.  

Should you get a Mobile Pre-Purchase Auto Inspection?

A pre-purchase inspection is always a smart move when buying a used vehicle. Even if the deal seems as transparent as can be, an additional set of eyes on the car can reveal something that had previously gone unacknowledged. A pre-purchase inspection could be the difference between finding the vehicle of your dreams and a nightmare waiting to happen. 

So get started today with Lemon Squad’s mobile pre-purchase inspections and avoid buying a lemon!