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I start this inspection off with the exterior of the vehicle. The front cover has been resprayed, signs of impact on left front of cover, there are chips and scratches, and clear flaking off the right side of the cover. The head lights and grill both have chips and the right headlight has a crack in it. The hood has a ding, an outward protrusion, a scratch, and touch up paint. The windshield has two chips. The right front fender has chips, and a dent. The right door has a dent, three dings, scratches, and chips. The right rear quarter has a crease in the body near the fuel door, scratches, and a ding above the passenger door window. The rear cover has scratches, chips, touch up paint, and a respray. The trunk and tail lights have scratches. The roof has scratches. The left rear quarter has scratches. The left door has scratches, one ding, chips on mirror, and scratches along window trim. The left rocker has been pushed in at the leading edge behind the front tire. The left front fender has a long scratch that has removed paint along the body line. All wheels have curb rash. There are three different brand tires mounted on the vehicle.

Moving on, I find myself in the interior of the vehicle. I immediately notice signs of cigarette use. There is ash evidence in the ash tray, along the window leading and trailing edge, and behind the rear seats once folded down. The driver seat shows signs of wear on the upper bolster. There are scratches along the center console from use. The media select button is missing its top trim. The ash tray doesn't stay open. The cargo nets behind both front seats are torn. The sun visor retainer clips are broken. The volume knob is not consistent with controlling the volume level. The driver window makes a screeching noise while operating. There are scratches on both front door window tint. I scanned the on board computer for trouble codes and found none. The AC blows cold. All gauges work.

Next, I move to the engine bay. I check the fluids and unscrew the oil fill cap. I noticed water at the fill neck. Either way this is not good. I believe it to be from someone pressure washing the motor and water getting past the fill cap seal, or just sitting on the lip of the photo provided. The only way to check for certain is to drain the oil and see if there is any water in the oil. The coolant reservoir does not have the cleanest of coolant in it either. In the photos you will see what it looks like and what it should look like. The brake fluid checks out good. I didn't see any visible leaks. I inspect the under carriage for leaks and see none. I check for rust and there is none. All braking and suspension components appear to be good.

Lastly, the test drive. The vehicle starts right up with no issue. There is no smoke. The vehicle idles well. The power delivery is smooth. The steering is good and direct. The vehicle tracks straight. The brakes work well. There is no road noise. The presence of cigarette use stuck with the car the entire drive. Please see photos and below for more info.

Vehicle Info

Year 2013
Make Audi
Model S5
Mileage 125079
Transmission Automatic
VIN Number WAUVGAFR5DA001641
Interior Leather
Interior Color Black
Body Color Silver
Engine 6 Cylinder
Drive Type All Wheel Drive
Fuel Type Gas


Back-up Camera
Wiper Blades
Windshield Washer
The windshield washer fluid was low. Did not see work.
Body Alignment
The right front fender to right front door is slightly off.
There are scratches throughout the entire vehicle.
There are dings throughout the vehicle.
There are dents on the right front fender and door.
Paint Condition
Exterior Lights
There are scratches and chips on the front lights with a crack in the right front head light. There are scratches on the rear lights.
Door Mirrors The left mirror has rock chips.
The front cover shows signs of impact on the left front. Both have scratches.
Side Moldings
Frame Damage
The leading edge of the left front rocker is pushed in. Disassembly required for further evaluation.
There are two rock chips on the front wind shield.
Body Seals


Steering Wheel The wheel is worn.
Cruise Control
Seat Condition
The driver seat is worn on upper outer bolster.
Heated Seats
Seat Belts
The volume knob works inconsistently.
Inner Door Panels
Power Locks
Window Switches
Window Function
The left front window screeches during operation.
Center Console
The media select button is missing its trim. There are scratches and signs of use throughout this area.
Sun Visors
Both visor retainer clips are broken.
Dash Lights
Dash Gauges
Air Conditioning
Rear Defroster
Floor Mats
Cigarette Use
The presence of cigarette use is strongly apparent.
Unusual Odors
Cup Holders
Blower Motor
Interior Trim


Air Filter
Battery Condition
Charging System
Cooling Fan Condition
Radiator Cap Sealing Properly
Engine Coolant
Engine coolant should be replaced and system flushed.
Coolant Leaks
I found water under the oil fill cap and unsure of where the water came from. It could be a coolant leak within the engine but there were no signs of intermix. It could also be water from pressure washing.
Power Steering
Engine Oil
I found water under the oil fill cap. Draining of oil required to fully determine its source.
Engine Fluid Leaks
Transmission Leaks
Brake System
Brake Fluid Leaks
Transfer Case Leaks
Differential leaks
Muffler System
CV Joints and Axles
Shocks and bushings
Ball Joints and Tie Rods
Key Fob

Road Test

Road Test Yes
Engine Performance
Transmission performance
Differential Performance
Transfer Case Performance
Wheel Bearing Performance
Braking Performance
Suspension Performance
Steering Performance
Engine Starting
Computer Diagnosis/OBD2
Computer system scanned: no problems with current or pending codes. No problems with live data. It is possible that some codes might be erased before we arrive, in which case some issues may be hidden


Driver FrontMichelinContinentalPassenger Front
Driver RearPirelliPirelliPassenger Rear


Driver Front255/35/19255/35/19Passenger Front
Driver Rear255/35/19255/35/19Passenger Rear

Axle Count

Tire Condition

Driver FrontNo IssuesNo IssuesPassenger Front
Driver RearNo IssuesNo IssuesPassenger Rear

Wheel Condition

Driver FrontCurb RashCurb RashPassenger Front
Driver RearCurb RashCurb RashPassenger Rear

Tire Tread

Driver Front6/326/32Passenger Front
Driver Rear4/324/32Passenger Rear
Spare Tire
Spare tireYes

Tire Tread Explanation

10/32 or more

Tires have plenty of tread!


8/32 or more

Tires have plenty of tread!

(low profile)

5/32 to 7/32

Tires will need replacement soon!

4/32 or less

Tires need replacement!

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