RV Inspection

For all Recreational Vehicles

This is the most comprehensive inspection we have, and we highly recommend this inspetion be performed before any purchasing of a used RV of any size or type. Once you have it inspected by our Expert Inspectors, you can buy with confidence!

  • For all Recreational Vehicles
  • Comprehensive mechanical inspection of complete drive-train
  • All appliances: stove, fridge, heater, A/C, water
  • Comprehensive: Inside & Out
  • Recommended before any RV Purchase
  • Over 40 Pictures
  • Road Test
  • And More!


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RV Inspections Include

  • Condition of the body and paint
  • Presence of scratches, cracks, dents, or rust
  • Underbody check for any signs of rust or damage
  • Condition of tires and wheels
  • Glass exam for cracks or other flaws
  • Previous accident damage and previous flood damage
  • Structural integrity
  • Visual check of doors, windows, roof*
  • Interior inspection including items related to the driver's comfort and controls
  • Interior examination of cabinetry, upholstery, floors, funishings, and miscellaneous components
  • Test of the generator, other electrical systems, and any appliances
*We examine the interior of the RV for signs of roof leakage. For liability reasons, we do not go on the roof.
  • Check lights, A/C, gauges, and operation of all other electrical items
  • Thorough check of interior--including upholstery, mats, headliner, and seat belts
  • Comprehensive inspection of the motor and transmission
  • All drive-line components including 4-Wheel and All-Wheel systems
  • Steering, suspension, Braking components, and Exhaust system
  • Visual inspection of engine and all other items under the hood
  • Notation of fluid level, oil leaks, and any missing parts
  • Review of all available mechanical and ownership records (if available)
  • We'll address any additional areas of concern that you identify
  • If possible, assuming the vehicle is street legal and safe weather conditions exist, the entire drive train performance is evaluated with a 5-mile road test