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I begin my inspection with the exterior of the vehicle. I check that all seams line up. No visible body damage or signs of previous repair work. Car is kept in controlled climate facility. Paint in undamaged condition. All glass in good condition including windshield, headlights, tail lights. Wheels, rims and tires all match with sufficient tread and no signs of use, dirt or damage. Exterior in very good condition.

Moving to the interior of the vehicle. Seats are in very good condition no damage, signs of wear or use. All carpets in perfect condition. All accessories in working order. I check the radio, all apps, windshield wipers / fluid. AC blows cold, heat blows hot. No interior damage all new condition. No error codes revealed on scan.

Engine, all hoses, belts and fans in good condition. Oil and all other fluids are good, clean and fresh. No signs of leaks. I move to the underbody and find no signs of leaks, no signs of rust. Brakes and suspension in good working order. Nothing negative to report on this vehicle.

I found no issues on the test drive. The engine had plenty of power and there were no misfires or excessive smoking. The transmission shifted as designed with no harsh engagement or slipping. The steering was responsive and the suspension was firm and the vehicle handled well. There were no abnormal vibrations or odd noises. The brakes were firm with no pulsation felt. There were no leaks found to the underside of the vehicle. I hooked up my Scan Tool to the computer system and found no current or pending codes. All of the live data looked good with no issues reported. See below and pictures for more info.

Vehicle Info

Year 2020
Make Ford
Model Mustang
Mileage 62
Transmission Automatic
VIN Number 1FA6P8SJ1L5501776
Interior Leather
Interior Color Black
Body Color White
Engine 8 Cylinder
Drive Type Rear Wheel Drive
Fuel Type Gas


Back-up Camera
Wiper Blades
Windshield Washer
Body Alignment
Paint Condition
Exterior Lights
Door Mirrors
Frame Damage
Body Seals


Steering Wheel
Cruise Control
Seat Condition
Seat Belts
Inner Door Panels
Power Locks
Window Switches
Window Function
Center Console
Sun Visors
Dash Lights
Dash Gauges
Air Conditioning
Rear Defroster
Floor Mats
Cigarette Use
Unusual Odors
Cup Holders
Blower Motor
Interior Trim


Air Filter
Battery Condition
Charging System
Cooling Fan Condition
Radiator Cap Sealing Properly
Engine Coolant
Coolant Leaks
Power Steering
Steering Fluid
Engine Oil
Engine Fluid Leaks
Transmission Fluid
Transmission Leaks
Brake System
Brake Fluid Leaks
Transfer Case Leaks
Differential leaks
Muffler System
CV Joints and Axles
Shocks and bushings
Ball Joints and Tie Rods
Key Fob

Road Test

Road Test Yes
Engine Performance
Transmission performance
Differential Performance
Transfer Case Performance
Wheel Bearing Performance
Braking Performance
Suspension Performance
Steering Performance
Engine Starting
Tire Pressure System (TPMS)
Computer Diagnosis/OBD2
Computer system scanned: no problems with current or pending codes. No problems with live data. It is possible that some codes might be erased before we arrive, in which case some issues may be hidden


Driver FrontMichelinMichelinPassenger Front
Driver RearMichelinMichelinPassenger Rear


Driver Front305/30/R20305/30/R20Passenger Front
Driver Rear305/30/R20305/30/R20Passenger Rear

Axle Count

Tire Condition

Driver FrontNo IssuesNo IssuesPassenger Front
Driver RearNo IssuesNo IssuesPassenger Rear

Wheel Condition

Driver FrontNo IssuesNo IssuesPassenger Front
Driver RearNo IssuesNo IssuesPassenger Rear

Tire Tread

Driver Front11/3211/32Passenger Front
Driver Rear11/3211/32Passenger Rear
Spare Tire
Spare tireNo

Tire Tread Explanation

10/32 or more

Tires have plenty of tread!


8/32 or more

Tires have plenty of tread!

(low profile)

5/32 to 7/32

Tires will need replacement soon!

4/32 or less

Tires need replacement!

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