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This Mustang ran and drove with issues of note. On the exterior I noted the body panel fit was way off. The paint was peeling in numerous areas and there were paint chips on the right and left door edges. Additionally both doors made a creek noise when opening and closing and they bind really badly when closing them. The glass was in good shape and so were the tires but one of the wheels was missing a hub cap. All the exterior lights worked. The left rear fender ahead of the wheel opening was distorted due to excessive use of body filler. There is rust on the lower part of the left rear fender behind the wheel opening. There are 4 holes drilled into the front bumper and the lower front valence panel is bent. The hood is misaligned as well. The convertible top is manually operated and functions okay. The edges of the top over the right and left windows were frayed. The rear plastic window in the convertible top is torn as well as heavily oxidized.

The interior looked tired and worn. I did see rips in the seat bottom upholstery in the driver's seat bottom and the right rear passenger seat bottom. The blower motor did not work therefore the heater and defroster did not either. Additionally the dash was not cracked but the surface was wavy;. All the gauges did work but the radio didn't work. The carpeting was worn and faded. The original ignition switch was bypassed and there is another switch dangling under the dash. The seat belts were removed and are in the trunk. The trunk was in pretty good shape with nothing more than some surface rust

The engine compartment was orderly. The engine oil was full. After the test drive I noticed coolant leaking from the top surface of the radiator. The drive belts looked worn but the cooling hoses looked okay The undercarriage is quite dirty and grimy but no fluids were seen dripping on the ground.

On the road test the engine was smooth and made decent power. The transmission never missed a beat. However when accelerating from a stop the driver had to tap the accelerator pedal 2 times to keep the engine from stalling. I did not hear any squeaks, rattles but there was a grind noise heard. The tires are wearing evenly and there was no pull in the steering wheel under braking or acceleration. The seller cut the road test short before it was completed.

Please see below for pictures and more info.

Vehicle Info

Year 1965
Make Ford
Model Mustang
Mileage 19890
Transmission Automatic
VIN Number 5F08C272792
Interior Vinyl
Interior Color Black
Body Color White
Engine 8 Cylinder
Drive Type Rear Wheel Drive
Fuel Type Gas


Wiper Blades
The wipers are worn and should be replaced.
Windshield Washer
The windshield washer does not work.
Body Alignment
There is general misalignment to the body pane
This vehicle has excessive scratches all over the exterior.
Paint Condition
The paint has luster but in many areas the paint is peeling. White is not the original color of this car. The paint is chipped on door edges.
I noted rust build up on lower rear area of left rear fender. Rusty paint bubbles in right rear fender.
Exterior Lights
Door Mirrors
The door mirror panel is stained.
I noted 4 holes drilled through top surface of front chrome bumper.
Side Moldings
chrome scoop like ornament on left rear is missing due to excessive amount of body filler
Convertible Top
The rear plastic window is torn and heavily oxidized. Right front latch does not lock the top to the windshield frame. Convertible top edges over right and left doors are frayed.
Frame Damage
Body Seals
Body Filler?
I noted significant body filler in the left rear fender.
The hood opens and closes but is misaligned.
Both doors are misaligned and open okay but are stiff and creak loudly when used.
Quarter Panels
I found an excessive amount of body filler in left rear quarter panel in front of wheel opening.
The chrome is aged and worn but not pitted.


Steering Wheel
I noted an aftermarket steering wheel.
The horn does work but it doesn't sound right.
Seat Condition
The driver's seat bottom is torn. The rear right seat bottom is torn. Overall the seat upholstery looks worn out
Seat Belts
I noted seat belts were removed and in the trunk.
Radio/Navigation The radio does not work.
Inner Door Panels
The driver's door panel is ripped and both panels look worn out.
Window Function
The dashboard covering is loose and wavy.
Sun Visors
Dash Lights
The dash lights are not working.
Dash Gauges
The heater system is not blowing as hot as it should. This may be a sign that the thermostat has failed or is starting to fail. There are other more serious issues that could cause this as well. More diagnosis is necessary.
The carpet is faded, sun bleached and worn out
Cigarette Use
Unusual Odors
Blower Motor
The blower motor does not work.
Interior Trim
The interior trim shows heavy wear. See pictures.
Inner Trunk


Air Filter
Battery Condition
Charging System
Cooling Fan Condition
Radiator Cap Sealing Properly
After the road test I noted coolant leaked from the top of the radiator.
Engine Coolant
Coolant Leaks
After the road test coolant leaked from the top of the radiator.
Steering Fluid
Engine Oil
Engine Fluid Leaks
Transmission Leaks
Brake System
Brake Fluid Leaks
Differential leaks
Muffler System
Shocks and bushings
The shocks were old and worn out.
Ball Joints and Tie Rods
The ball joints and tie rods were old and worn.

Road Test

Road Test Yes
Engine Performance
The car stalled 2 times getting it out to the road. Driver had to flutter the accelerator pedal to get the car going
Transmission performance
Differential Performance
Wheel Bearing Performance
Braking Performance
Suspension Performance
Steering Performance
Engine Starting
The factory ignition switch is bypassed for a switch hanging below the dashboard.


Driver FrontHankangHankangPassenger Front
Driver RearHankangHankangPassenger Rear


Driver Front205/70R14205/70R14Passenger Front
Driver Rear205/70R14205/70R14Passenger Rear

Axle Count

Tire Condition

Driver FrontNo IssuesNo IssuesPassenger Front
Driver RearNo IssuesNo IssuesPassenger Rear

Wheel Condition

Driver FrontMissing Hubcap/Center CapNo IssuesPassenger Front
Driver RearNo IssuesNo IssuesPassenger Rear

Tire Tread

Driver Front10/3210/32Passenger Front
Driver Rear10/3210/32Passenger Rear
Spare Tire
Spare tireYes

Tire Tread Explanation

10/32 or more

Tires have plenty of tread!


8/32 or more

Tires have plenty of tread!

(low profile)

5/32 to 7/32

Tires will need replacement soon!

4/32 or less

Tires need replacement!

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