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Why You Should Get an Inspection on a Used Luxury Vehicle

Having a certified and knowledgeable car inspection technician inspect a used car before committing to a purchase is the most important thing a prospective car buyer can do. Getting an inspection is especially important when considering a luxury car purchase, as some repairs and routine maintenance on high-end vehicles can be expensive. Luxury and high-end vehicles usually possess exceptionally advanced and complex mechanical and computer-controlled components, so it would be foolish not to have a professional evaluation on the overall condition of such a vehicle. Here are a few of the top reasons to get a used luxury vehicle inspected.

Avoid Getting Stuck with a Lemon

The main reason to get a used luxury car inspected is to make sure the car runs as advertised. Self-inspection of a luxury car or even a long and thorough test drive can in many cases fail to reveal serious underlying mechanical problems. A car inspection technician can quickly identify serious problems with a used vehicle that could be bad enough to dissuade you from making a purchase.

Gain Peace of Mind

Buying a luxury automobile with no inspection could leave you feeling unsettled and uncertain as to whether or not you made a sound purchase decision. Buyer’s remorse is particularly common when it involves used cars, especially if you have no idea about what the true mechanical state of such a car actually is.

Know What You’re Buying

Inspecting a used luxury car can help you understand exactly what you’re buying. An inspection can give you a detailed breakdown on the car in its entirety. With an inspection, you can determine the state of the brakes, clutch, transmission, and other vital components of a car that are most prone to wear and tear.

Find Out When Servicing Is Due

Routine maintenance and required servicing on a used luxury automobile can be extremely expensive, so much so that it could influence your decision to purchase the automobile. Through a certified used car inspection, you can find out when the automobile’s next round of servicing is due, what such servicing will cost, as well as what sort of servicing has been done on the car prior.

Leverage Your Negotiating Power

Once a documented inspection on a used car has been completed, you can use the information to help you negotiate a lower price on the car you’re considering purchasing. For example, if the car’s brakes and exhaust system are due for replacement or repair in the next 1,000 miles, research the price of such repairs and give that as a reason to make a lower offer on the car.

A used luxury car may be a good deal, but to make sure its maintenance doesn’t drain your bank account, get a pre-purchase car inspection from Lemon Squad. We have expert technicians who can check the car for a variety of issues. Give us a call today at 888-231-7965 to schedule an appointment with one of our representatives.