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5 Safety Features You’ll Find in Modern Cars

5 Great Safety Features in Modern Vehicles in Lemon Squad

Ever since the invention of the motor vehicle, safety has been a major concern for drivers and passengers alike, which is one of the many reasons it’s important to get a car inspection when considering a used vehicle. Fortunately, most modern vehicles provide a level of safety that was practically unimaginable in years gone by. Here are 5 examples of great safety features found in many modern vehicles.

1. Airbags

Various kinds of airbag systems have been standard in most vehicles produced since the late 1990s, although many vehicles shipped before then had them as well. Airbags inflate automatically when a collision triggers the crash sensors, which are connected to the vehicle’s computer. Many modern airbag systems adapt to the weight and seat position of the driver as well as the front passenger. They also deactivate when passengers are not positioned properly or when children are present, thus minimizing potential injuries.

2. Traction Control

Traction control systems limit how much the wheels on a vehicle spin while it accelerates, which helps the wheels maintain the maximum traction possible. Traction control is especially beneficial when driving in icy or wet conditions. Some of these systems kick in at all speeds, while others work primarily at low speeds.

3. Backup Cameras

Rearview camera systems activate automatically when placing a vehicle in reverse. They provide a clear view of the rear of the vehicle, which can help when parking or backing it up. Backup cameras can help you see pedestrians or small children who may otherwise be in your blind spot. Advanced rearview systems provide a 360-degree view, enabling you to see any spot around your vehicle.

4. Antilock Brakes

Antilock brakes prevent the wheels on a vehicle from locking up when braking hard. This feature is especially helpful when driving on slippery roads, which can make steering and vehicle control nearly impossible. Antilock brake systems use sensors on each wheel to ensure maximum braking without lockup, allowing you to maneuver your vehicle around obstacles and maintain control, even in slippery driving conditions.

5. Tire Pressure Monitors

Low tire pressure is a major safety hazard and can also impact your vehicle’s fuel economy. Maintaining proper tire pressure can prevent blowouts caused by damage due to driving on underinflated tires. Since air pressure can be lost very slowly, drivers often do not notice their vehicle’s tires are low until it’s too late. Tire pressure monitors can prevent this issue by letting you know when your vehicle’s tires need to be inflated. Even so, it’s recommended to continue to use a standard tire pressure gauge to check your vehicle’s tires at least once per month.

Whether the used vehicle you’re interested in is a recent model with all the latest safety features or an old classic, make sure to get an auto inspection. At Lemon Squad, our vehicle inspectors are available anywhere in the U.S., and we can send one of these trusted experts out to take a look at the car you want to buy. Give us a call today at 1-888-231-7965 to schedule an appointment.