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6 Fluids That Might Be Leaking from a Used Car

6 Fluids That Can Leak from a Used Vehicle in San Diego, CA

If you’ve bought a used car, the last thing you want to see is a leak. Some leaks are more problematic than others, which makes it important to get a car inspection before buying a used vehicle. Below are six different fluids you might see leaking from a used car.

1. Water

If something clear is coming out of a car, there’s a good chance it’s just water, especially if the AC has been running. If the AC hasn’t been running, you’ll want to check by scent or feel to determine whether the offending liquid is water or not.

2. Oil

If the liquid coming out of your car is black, it’s probably engine oil. In most cases, you can fill your car back up with oil and take care of the leak as soon as it’s convenient. However, frequent oil leakage can be a sign of a much bigger problem. If you notice oil is leaking frequently, take your car to a trusted mechanic.

3. Coolant

Green coolant leakage isn’t terribly uncommon in used cars. Like an oil leak, this is something you can probably fix temporarily by filling up the coolant while you’re out. Keep an eye on this type of leak, as a major leak could lead to larger problems for your car. The best-case scenario is a crack in the coolant reservoir, while the worst is a radiator problem.

4. Transmission Fluid

Red liquid is almost always transmission fluid. You’ll need to get this leak checked out immediately unless you’re familiar with working on an auto transmission. You may just have a leaky pan, but you might also have a more serious transmission problem. The quicker you get it fixed, the less it’s going to cost you.

5. Brake Fluid

Brake fluid leakage is hard to diagnose by color. It can range from brown to clear, but you’ll almost always find it near the tires or directly under the brake pedal. Brake fluid leakage isn’t terribly common in newer cars, but it does happen in older vehicles. This is another issue you need to get checked out quickly, as leaking brake fluid can lead to a drop in the hydraulic pressure of the brakes, which can cause brake failure.

6. Power Steering Fluid

Power steering fluid ranges in color from orange to light brown, and it’s usually thin. You might mistake it at first glance for brake fluid or oil, but the viscosity will give it away. Leaky power steering fluid can indicate a major issue with the power steering, which is something that needs to be fixed quickly. Power steering repairs can be costly. Having to replace the system could cost much more than the average used car is worth.

You can avoid the issues that accompany these types of leaks by getting an auto inspection before buying a used vehicle you’re interested in. Lemon Squad can send out a technician to check out the car you want to buy, anywhere in the U.S. Give us a call today at 1-888-231-7965 to schedule an appointment.