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5 Advantages of Getting a Used Car from an Auction House

When buying a new car, many people head to a used car dealership. However, people looking to get a great price for a used vehicle should consider buying a car at an auction. Going to a car auction to purchase your next vehicle has several advantages. If you’re curious about the benefits of visiting an auction to purchase your next vehicle, read on for five of the best reasons.

1. Prices Are Lower

Buying a new vehicle at a car auction can seem like a risky option for prospective car buyers. Make sure to carefully review the details of an upcoming auction if you’re interested in buying your new vehicle from an auction house. At a car auction, interested buyers can typically purchase a car below market value. With the right amount of research, you can find a car priced at 30 percent of the vehicle’s initial value. Though you’ll likely have to handle the cosmetic and mechanical issues on your own, the price of the vehicles at an auction is unbeatable.

2. There Are a Variety of Vehicles to Choose From

The options at a car auction are nearly endless. With the large selection of vehicles, you’ll likely find several cars that will meet your needs, including cars, trucks, and farm vehicles.

3. Civilians Have Access to Fleet or Government Vehicles

When government or fleet vehicles become outdated, they are often sold at auctions. These cars are typically rather new with low mileage, well maintained, and an excellent option for a used car.

4. Vehicles Can Be Found Still Under Warranty

When you go to a car auction, you’ll see most of the vehicles are relatively new, and several are still covered by their warranties. When buying a used car, you’ll likely have to pay a few hundred dollars to fix mechanical issues. When purchasing a car with the warranty still intact, you can expect to face minimal mechanical issues. But just to make sure, it’s better to get a pre-purchase auto inspection before buying it. By visiting an auction, you’ve got a much higher chance of finding a car that is like new.

5. Auction Houses Have Their Inventory Online

Today’s auction houses typically post their inventory on their websites, allowing interested buyers to view information and pictures of all the available cars. Reviewing the vehicles before the auction allows you to pinpoint your top picks beforehand. Make sure to do your research on any cars you are considering purchasing.

To avoid ending up with a car with potential issues, make sure to order a car inspection from Lemon Squad. Our technicians can help you make an informed decision while purchasing a used car by checking it for possible problems. To schedule an appointment with one of our technicians, give us a call at 888-231-7965.