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This is a high mileage unit that has wear and tear throughout but still runs and drives well with all flat-bed options working as designed. The body shows some damage as noted in pics but still looks decent from a distance. There are many scratches and the clear-coat is peeling in many places. There surface rust to areas of the body, underside and rear bed. I saw no major rot and structurally the unit is good. The engine was cold when I first arrived witch is a good thing. The engine started right up with no issues. There was a sound coming from the engine that appeared to be a belt squeaking. When I got the hood open to inspect it had stopped and did not happen again. Belts are older and should be replaced. The test drive went well with the engine performing as designed. The transmission shifted well. The steering was a little loose. The suspension showed no issues. The ABS light is on and will need further diagnosis. The front tires are bald but rear are ok. The windshield is cracked and needs replacement. Lots of wear to the interior from normal use. The A/C blows cold but not as cold as it should. The rear bed and hydraulics worked well. No hydraulic leaks were seen. Overall a nice unit for the money. It runs and drives but needs a little work. A good starter. See below and pics for more info.

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Vehicle Info

MakeInternational Tow Truck Class 6
VIN Number1htmpafm95h127838
Stock NumberU-2962
Interior ColorGrey
Body ColorRed
Drive TypeRear Wheel Drive
Fuel TypeDiesel


Wiper Blades

Old and wore out.

Winshield Washer
Body Alignment

There are misc scratches all around vehicle. Normal for mileage.


Misc small dings and dents around the body.

Paint Condition

Paint is faded with clear-coat peeling in many places. See pics.

Body Seals

Vehicle body, fuel tanks and rear bed all show surface rust. This is not affecting the unit any way other then looks.

Exterior Lights
Door Mirrors

Dings and scratches.

Frame Damage

There is rust to the underside. This is only surface rust and not causing any issues at this time.


The windshield will need to be replaced. It has major cracks.


Steering Wheel

The steering wheel works well but does show wear.

Cruise Control
Seat Condition

Major wear to the drivers seat. There is a seat cover over the seat. The passenger seat shows some wear but not as bad as the drivers seat.

Seat Belts


Inner Door Panels

Signs of wear and tear.

Power Locks
Window Switches
Power Window Motors/Regulators

Dirty with some wear.

Dash Lights
Dash Gauges
Air Conditioning

The A/C blew cold but not as cold as it should. More diagnosis needed.


The flooring shows wear.

Cigarette Use

There was a faint smell of cigarette smoke but not bad. Te vehicle was so dirty inside that I could not tell if it had been smoked in.



Blower Motor
Interior Trim

Most of the interior shows wear and tear that would be considered normal for the high mileage.


Air Filter
Battery Condition
Charging System
Cooling Fan Condition
Radiator Cap Sealing Properly
Engine Coolant
Coolant Leaks

There was a sound coming from the engine that appeared to be a belt squeaking. When I got the hood open to inspect it had stopped and did not happen again. Belts are older and should be replaced.

Power Steering
Steering Fluid
Engine Oil

Should be changed.

Engine Fluid Leaks

The engine is seeping some oil from the underside. There were no drips at time of inspection. This area should be cleaned off and rechecked to verify source of leak or leaks.

Transmission Fluid
Transmission Leaks
Brake System

The ABS light is on and will need further diagnosis.

Brake Fluid Leaks
Transfer Case Leaks
Differential leaks
Muffler System
CV Joints and Axles
Axle Seals
Shocks and bushings
Ball Joints and Tie Rods

Road Test

Engine Starting
Engine Performance
Transmission performance
Differential Performance
Wheel Bearing Performance
Braking Performance
Suspension Performance
Steering Performance

Some play in the front end.

Computer Diagnosis/OBD2
Computer system scanned: no problems with current or pending codes. No problems with live data. It is possible for some sneaky sellers to erase codes before we arrive, in which case some issues may be hidden.


Tire ManufacturerHankook
Tire SizeStock
Tire Tread
Driver Front3/323/32Passenger Front
Driver Rear10/3210/32Passenger Rear
Tire Condition
Driver FrontNo IssuesNo IssuesPassenger Front
Driver RearNo IssuesNo IssuesPassenger Rear
Wheel Condition
Driver FrontCorrosionCorrosionPassenger Front
Driver RearCorrosionCorrosionPassenger Rear
Spare Tire
Spare tireNo

Tire Tread Explanation

10/32 or more

Tires have plenty of tread!


8/32 or more

Tires have plenty of tread!

(low profile)

5/32 to 7/32

Tires will need replacement soon!

4/32 or less

Tires need replacement!

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